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At iFog we strive to protect communities from disease and illness. iFog has installed specifically tailored programs to disinfect & protect communities homes, vehicles, restaurants, and offices at an affordable rate.


By using advanced fogging methods combined with a hospital grade disinfectant we are able to help prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, fungi, dust, and mold in our communities.


We offer detailed sanitation plans to protect high and low traffic areas on a regular basis. It's time to take the necessary steps towards a more clean, healthy, and safe environment for everyone.


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We strongly recommend disinfecting & protecting the following areas & surfaces routinely with iFog.

 Entryways & Door Handles

Entryways & door handles are especially vulnerable to viruses like influenza. Due to the volume of people entering and exiting we recommend our treatment 4-6 times a month for effective protection.

Interactive Stations

ATMS, registers, & public phones are examples of frequently used interactive stations. We recommend fogging daily due to the frequent use of these stations.

Restrooms & Breakrooms

Restrooms & breakrooms are  contaminated with disease & illness causing bacteria & viruses. Our formula is scientifically proven to kill viruses & bacteria like: influenza, hepatitis, e. coli, streptococcus, & other surface bacteria commonly found in these areas.

Apartments & Houses

iFog highly recommends disinfecting & protecting your home regularly. We targets high-traffic areas including: bedrooms, restrooms, hallways, storage & entertainment rooms. Consistent & proper sanitation provides a safer environment for you & your family.

Janitor & Storage Closets

Harmful dust & bacteria build up is a health concern when it comes to cleaning tools. Brooms & mops are often left unproperly cleaned or dried causing an ideal environment for fungi, dust, & mold growth. iFog properly disinfects all cleaning tools to protect the community.

Churches & Daycares

Disinfecting churches & daycares before & after services is highly recommended & extremely effective in preventing the spread of diseases. Disinfecting routinely will protect children & the elderly from diseases & illness.

Public Transportation

School buses, public transit, & elevators should all be disinfected daily to protect the community from the spread of diseases. These vehicles often require multiple people to be in close proximity causing an ideal situation for the spread of viruses like influenza & coronavirus.


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